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Working with Children Act Expands!

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13 Nov 2018
We are pleased to see the Queensland Government’s intentions to further strengthen protections for children, through the extension of professional categories & activities requiring ‘BLUE CARDS’. The proposed amendments to the WORKING WITH CHILDREN ACT expands the scope of the blue card system to include additional categories of child-related work
Since there is no regulatory body or licensing process for Newborn Photographers, there are also no general rules or criterion by which a Newborn Photographers performance is judged. (In my opinion, simply being a “member” of a Photography Institute does not determine performance or worth, especially as a NEWBORN Photographer!)  So
Healthy indoor air quality of a Newborn Photography studio is essential for overall health and wellness of not only clients but staff as well. Newborn babies require more care and attention when it comes to air quality, as dry air can be detrimental to a baby’s sensitive skin and indoor
‘Cold sore virus took our baby at 13 days’: Grieving couple warn of lethal danger of HERPES virus that claims the lives of 65 infants a year… and could be passed on by a kiss from a relative Sarah Higson and James de Malplaquet’s son Kit died after less than
As I was developing the courses for the Academy, I found myself wondering…. When did the role of the Newborn Photographer change? Why did it change? And…Who did it change for? A decade ago, when I began researching Newborn Photography as a genre’, I fell in love with it immediately!
Conception (excuse the pun!) In 2010, unable to return to my role after maternity leave {due mainly to the fact that I had just given birth to not only one child but two!}, as National Training & Development Manager for a Global Organisation,  I started photographing friends babies as a