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Working with Children Act Expands!

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13 Nov 2018
We are pleased to see the Queensland Government’s intentions to further strengthen protections for children, through the extension of professional categories & activities requiring ‘BLUE CARDS’. The proposed amendments to the WORKING WITH CHILDREN ACT expands the scope of the blue card system to include additional categories of child-related work

Tips to keep young clients safe…

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23 Sep 2018
September is “Baby Safety Month”. Baby and child safety is our sole aim and it should be a photographers as well.  According to “Kidsafe”, injuries are the leading cause of death among children, with approximately 5000 children in Australia each day needing medical attention as a result of accidents”.  Whilst the majority
Recent research shows that in births that require intervention by a doctor with the use of forceps, suction or excessive force, 95% of the babies had upper neck injuries. Brachial Plexus injuries (a stretch injury to a newborn’s head, neck and shoulder) often prevent the baby from being able to
Since there is no regulatory body or licensing process for Newborn Photographers, there are also no general rules or criterion by which a Newborn Photographers performance is judged. (In my opinion, simply being a “member” of a Photography Institute does not determine performance or worth, especially as a NEWBORN Photographer!)  So
Editing Photos, Marketing on Social Media, Administration, Emails, Sales, Doing a Session, Accounting, Purchasing Props, Cleaning the Studio, Paying Bills, Cleaning Props, Purchasing Products, Mailing Products, Cooking Dinner, Taking Kids to School, Going to the Gym, Cleaning the House, Washing the Car, Doing the Shopping, Spending time with Family etc
Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and Police Checks are two different types of screening programs which have been designed to try and ensure child-safe working environments, in Australia. In this post we will look at both and the requirements of a Newborn/Baby/Child Photographer. Working with Children Check’s Working with Children
Conception (excuse the pun!) In 2010, unable to return to my role after maternity leave {due mainly to the fact that I had just given birth to not only one child but two!}, as National Training & Development Manager for a Global Organisation,  I started photographing friends babies as a