Making a difference to Newborns in India

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28 Jan 2019

More babies are struck with neonatal sepsis (a series of blood stream infections) within the first month of birth in India than anywhere else in the world. And one third of them die, due to failure of the antibiotics against the lethal bugs. 
Doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have highlighted these findings, in a paper in the latest British Medical Journal.

Of all the cases, 62 per cent infections in South Asia occur within first 72 hours, an incidence which is 10-fold higher than in the US.

What is more distressing is the babies acquire these infections from mothers who have been subjected to unhygienic practices in the labour rooms and neonatal intensive units of the hospitals.

At ANP™ we genuinely care about making a difference. Not only in lives of Newborn Photographers and their newborn clients and families, but also for those further afar and the world around us. 

When you enrol in one of our online Courses, we give a newborn baby in India medical care for 7days. This includes paediatric consulting, vaccination, immunisation and routine check ups to a newborn baby to protect his or her health. So far we have given 245 days of medical support. 

And, when you book a place in one of our Workshops we give a mother maternal care during and after her pregnancy for 7 days. So far we have given 91days of medical support. 

You can also give by donating directly to each of these causes via B1G1on our website @


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