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8 Oct 2018

‘A passion to work with infants and the joy of creating priceless memories’.
This is what everyone says, when asked why they became a Newborn Photographer.

“Whilst I agree that passion is crucial in any business, on it’s own, it is simply not enough to guarantee success!”, says ANP’s Founder & CEO, Kerryn O’Brien.
“The average length of time, a newborn photography business lasts, is only 18months. Many go out of business every day and some don’t even get started!” she says.

So how, in an industry where many are struggling, has Kerryn owned and operated a successful Newborn Photography Studio for almost a decade?

“Anyone can learn to use a camera (my eight year old son actually took this photo of me!) and anyone can learn how to pose a baby, so this alone is not enough”.

According to Kerryn, “To be successful, a newborn photographer first and foremost, must have an in-depth understanding of their clients needs. This includes BOTH the parents and the infants!”

“Obviously with the parents, this means having the ability to communicate effectively, however when it comes to understanding an infants needs, this is a little different”, she says.

“You need to fully understand the neonatal environment in which the newborn has found themselves. You need to fully understand the physiological adaptation that is taking place – learning to breath, learning to feed, learning to maintain their body temperature, any traumatic birth injuries etc.”

“By fully understanding the clients ‘true’ needs, you are able to, not only meet them, but EXCEED them. And this, will keep clients coming back and have them recommend you to their friends!”

Hence, in conjunction with an advisory team of Paediatricians, Neonatal Nurses, Work Health and Safety Consultants, Solicitors and Human Resource professionals, ANP offers courses designed to enhance the specific professional development needs of photographers working with infants.

“Our mission is to educate and enable Newborn Photographers to realize their full potential, by becoming Newborn Specialists”, Kerryn says.
“In addition to being able to meet the newborn’s true needs, it also provides assurance to parents, that their infant is being cared for by a qualified newborn expert.”

To market and position your Newborn Photography Studio for Success, enrol in the Certificate of Newborn Photography today!



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