Upper neck injuries in newborn’s are extremely common…

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3 Sep 2018

Recent research shows that in births that require intervention by a doctor with the use of forceps, suction or excessive force, 95% of the babies had upper neck injuries.
Brachial Plexus injuries (a stretch injury to a newborn’s head, neck and shoulder) often prevent the baby from being able to rotate their arm. This can take weeks or months to heal and depending on the severity of the injury may require physical therapy (for example chiropractic or physiological care) to restore movement. If the nerves are torn, permanent nerve damage can result!

Large for gestational age baby’s born vaginally, like this gorgeous boy!, are particularly susceptible to such injuries.

It is IMPERATIVE Newborn Photographers are fully trained on the types of traumatic birth injuries which can occur and the MUST adjust their workflows and poses, so as not to further exacerbate the injury.



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