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11 Aug 2018

Conception (excuse the pun!)

In 2010, unable to return to my role after maternity leave {due mainly to the fact that I had just given birth to not only one child but two!}, as National Training & Development Manager for a Global Organisation,  I started photographing friends babies as a “hobby”. {Sound familiar?}

However my hobby very quickly grew into a successful Newborn Photography business and 8 years later {and over 1000 newborn clients later!)  I now have 3 photographers working for me, all specialising in Newborn and Baby Portraiture.

As a Training & Development professional it has always concerned me that within the Newborn Photography Industry there was nothing in the way of independent, comprehensive, accredited training on the neonatal period – specifically baby health and safety. There were many ‘workshops’ where one could learn {watch}  newborn photography posing techniques, however I have always felt that while these workshops are valuable in explaining the posing and the safety requirements of each pose, they did not provide adequate neonatal theory, to ensure a photographer was well enough equipped to work with newborn babies.

Hence with my background in Training & Development – specifically designing training courses and developing e-learning systems, combined with my knowledge and experience in the Newborn Photography Industry, I founded the Academy of Newborn Photography™.

About the Academy of Newborn Photography™

We have designed courses which aim to provide fundamental knowledge on neonatal’s, that is relevant to the Newborn Photographer.

The courses are offered online so that Photographers can study at their own pace and in their own time. They cover every aspect of the Perinatal Period including Labour and Birth, the Neonatal Period, Work Health and Safety requirements, Business requirements, Legal Requirements and People Skills, along with the ways to apply this knowledge to the area of Newborn Photography.

In our opinion, the business of Newborn Photography is not about creating award winning images, through the use of innovative props and poses. It is about creating beautiful and unforgettable memories for the baby’s parents. It is about capturing the miracle of a new life and the creation of a family. And above all else, it is about ensuring the safety and well being of the precious newborn baby.

Hence, unlike any other photographer genre, we believe, Newborn Photographers require specialist training and skills on how to work with their clientele.  They have a duty of care and responsibility unlike other photographers, due to the nature of the work and the fragility of their clients.

Parents wishing to have this very special and amazing time captured forever, also have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure that the photographer they choose, has been properly trained and educated in every aspect of Newborn’s – not just photography.

Hence, whilst our courses are primarily for the Newborn Photographer, our aim is to provide both Photographers and Parents with a wealth of information, directly from our team of specialists, right here on our Blog!




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